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FREE IRELAND DELIVERY On orders over £100

Baby Essentials

New Born ‘Must Haves’ that you’re probably not going to get as Gifts .......

You’ve successfully completed the Minefield Of Pram & Car Seat Shopping and you’ve purchased the obvious Baby Essentials; Pram, Cot Car Seat, Bath & Baby Bouncer
However there are a number of smaller, relatively inexpensive but practical products you’ll need to purchase prior to baby arrives that Friends & Family will probably overlook as potential Gifts.


  • Nail Clippers - Baby’s nails have been growing since before they were born so they may need a manicure in the first week.
  • Brush & Comb Set – Tidy up those adorable tufts and even stimulate hair Growth.
  • Baby Thermometer - Essential for Baby’s Health and your piece of mind.
  • Bath Thermometer - Bathing a New Born can be a stressful process a Bath Thermometer gives you the reassurance you’ve got the water at the optimum temperature .
  • Room Thermometer - The Lullaby Trust’s Guideline on the room temperature for a baby is 16 – 20 C.

It is difficult to judge the temperature – Room thermometer’s can be purchased separately or come integrated in many Baby Monitors.

Nasal Aspirator – New Born babies can be prone to stuffed noses .This can affect their quality of Sleep and their ability to Feed. A Nasal Aspirator is a safe and effective way of clearing your baby’s blocked Nasal Passage.

  • Bath Rinsing Jug – What a life saver!!!This Clever jug has a flexible edge which contours your baby’s forehead, keeping water off baby’s face and eliminating those tears and tantrums!!!
    Baby Pram Cellular Blankets
  • Pram Cellular Blankets - Safety is a major concern when it comes to correctly using a Baby Blanket. When Baby sleeps, keeping them at an optimum Temperature is important – You’ll want to keep them warm but make sure they’re not overheating.

Advice from The Lullaby Trust is to firmly tuck in blankets and not to use above shoulder height or use a sleeping bag instead. Use lightweight blankets - which you can layer - this is a much easier way to control room temperature.

The Traditional Pram Cellular Blanket is 100% Cotton and have holes to aid airflow and insulation – This style of blanket should be used next to baby while they’re sleeping.

Ornate knitted blankets are beautiful to ‘Dress’ your pram and you’ll probably get these as Gifts but the Pram Cellular is a Definite MUST HAVE and will be on your list for the hospital – You’ll need 2/3

  • Sleeping Bag – Advice from the Lullaby Trust is to use a Sleeping Bag for your baby, as a result over 95% of Parents in the UK now use them. A baby Sleep Bag is a wearable blanket, they have a neck opening and arm holes designed to keep baby at a constant temperature throughout the night and eliminates the problem of baby kicking blankets off during the night and getting tangled. It would be advisable to purchase 2 .
  • Sheets & Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors - The Lullaby Trust recommends that your baby sleeps on a surface with a waterproof cover. Mattress Protectors are fully Breathable & washable and come in a range of sizes Moses Basket, Crib, Cot, Cot bed – it would be advisable to purchase x 2.

  • Cotton Fitted Sheets – Never underestimate the need for a few extra sets of sheets – You’ll be doing a lot of changing & Washing !!!  - It would be advisable to purchase 4- 6 per sleeping unit .

Sheets come in a variety of sizes Pram, Moses Basket, Crib, Cot, Cot Bed and Travel Cot.

  • Replacement Safety Mattress – Reusing a Pram, Moses Basket, Cradle or Cot?

The Lullaby Trust would advise it is safest to have a New Mattress for each baby. There is evidence to suggest that using a Mattress from another Home may increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death.

Mattresses come in a number of Sizes and Qualities for Prams, Moses Baskets, Cribs, Cots, Cot Beds & Travel Cots. It is recommended to use a Mattress Protector along with your New Mattress.

  • Rear View Mirror

The Rear View Mirror is designed to observe Baby when they are rearward facing in their Car Seat. It attaches securely to the headrest of the car and you can pivot it to the desired angle giving you piece of mind that you’ll always see your baby when you’re in the car.

  • Car Seat Wraps

It’s not recommended your little one wears thick coats or clothing while in their Car Seat as it means the harness isn’t as secure as it should be. A Car Seat Wrap keeps your baby snug when out and about in the car while ensuring they are adequately secure. These come in a range of beautiful super soft fabrics and colours.

  • Hats

New Born Baby’s lose a lot of heat from their head. Their head needs to be kept warm until they learn to regulate their own temperature.


Hopefully this list will help you get more prepared for those little things you may have overlooked giving you more time to relax and enjoy your new bundle!