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FREE IRELAND DELIVERY On orders over £100
FREE IRELAND DELIVERY On orders over £100

Summer Essentials Checklist

To keep baby Safe and Happy this Summer we have created a Summer Essentials List that every parent needs.


To make life easier you may want to invest in a Compact, Lightweight, All in One folding Buggy.

You may have spent a lot on your initial pram and you feel you don’t want to spend a lot on a second buggy, however be realistic about how much you are going to use your stroller:

Are you looking for something as compact as possible ??


Is it a holiday buggy that’s never going to be used again ??

Or Is convenience your priority now, and the ‘All in One Fold’ so attractive to you that your original pram is going to become your backup Pram???

If this is the case be prepared to invest a little more and you’ll definitely benefit in the additional features & in longevity.

It’s important to consider a number of features/factors to ensure you make the right choice for your needs:

If you want your little one to be comfortable and be able to fall off to sleep in their buggy consider one with a good adjustable recline and a leg extension.

Consider the amount of walking you’re going to do  and the type of terrain……

If you’re a walker and you’re going to be covering rough ground you’ll definitely want to invest in a stroller with a superior suspension.


Buggy Liner

The universal fitting Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Buggy Liner provides additional comfort and support to your little one. The buggy liner is a great way of keeping your pram clean & fresh as the liner is machine washable. The liners are available in a range of colourways and is a great way of personalising your stroller.

Buggy Hook

Free up your hands with a Buggy Hook that allows you to carry those extra few bags. This is far from ‘Gimmicky’ – It will be one of the handiest investments you’ll make!!!

Sleep Pod

Ensure your Little One is protected from the Suns harmful Rays.

A Sleep Pod offers maximum sun protection for baby. It’s compatible with a Car Seat, Carrycot, Pushchair or Buggy and offers UVA & UVB Protection. Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric it provides good ventilation and has a clever dropdown blackout curtain so your they can sleep even on the brightest of days – A real ‘Must Have’!!! 

Sun Parasol

When baby is small a Sleep pod provides maximum protection from the sun. With a Toddler you may prefer to use a Sun Parasol to attach onto their stroller. These come in various size clamps to fit different style frames of pushchair.

Insect Net

Protect your Little One from flies and wasps when out and about with an insect net.

Car Sun Shade

Provide shade for your baby on sunny journeys.

Rear View Mirror

The Rear View Mirror is designed to ‘keep an eye’ on Baby when they are rearward facing in their Car Seat. It attaches securely to the headrest of the car and you can pivot it to the desired angle giving you piece of mind that you’ll always see your baby when you’re in the car.


Travel Cots

Safety is priority when it comes to your baby. Ensure a Safe, Clean and Comfortable Nights Sleep when you’re away from home with a Travel Cot. These light weight, Compact Travel Cots fold away in seconds and are easy to transport. You’d be recommended to purchase a breathable mattress separately for additional comfort.

Portable Highchair

A portable highchair is the most practical solution to ensure your baby can sit in a clean and comfortable seat when you’re out and about.

Baby Carrier

A Baby Carrier will make life much easier during the Summer Months, when you’re Out and About helping to free up your hands. It also offers added reassurance for an unsettled baby. Incredibly handy for those short trips or when a pram may not be feasible.

Safety Walking Reins

Give your Toddler a little bit of freedom and independence yet still have the piece of mind that they can’t venture too far!!!!